Night Watch Print


Followed around by a painting that hung
in the living room of my Grandparent’s house
above the sofa
facing a large window
that looked out over a well-tended garden
and a small pond.

I see this painting
in magazines
and books in the library
and in offices where other prints of it hang.

For many years,
I thought my Grandmother owned the original
and now it is known to me that works of art
can have copies.

Hers is special though
her print of this painting
holds more memories
more thoughts
and more magic than the original ever could
in all of its brush strokes
and swirls of oil.

I remember cups of tea
and staying up late on a New Year’s Eve
when I was six
and counting to 100 for the first time
and classical music coming from a stereo
above the television set.

In my mind
and in my thoughts
she will always own the original
she will always own the first time I saw the painting
her house a gallery of my mind
and that painting always hanging in a place
of honour
of safety
and remembrance.

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