Power Chord 

So the power chord on my computer is fucked. I have never known such boredom. This event has drawn endless spotlight bright attention to the fact that I am basically addicted/attached/dependant on my computer. I can only read so much before the idea of even looking at the printed word anymore makes me want to pull out all my teeth. Although, that hasn’t stopped me from writing this, albeit on my phone. Easily the most professional and fun way to write anything, right? I think it’s a good indicator of how bored I am that I’m writing about my problems and boredom, on my phone, and sharing it all with you. 

This power chord thing doesn’t help with the job situation. I can’t print resumes, or print anything actually. Somehow, I imagine that handing in a resume written on the selectric would lead to actually being laughed out of every single workplace on the lower island. Nobody is that pretentious. 

God, I’m such a child of the digital age. Helpless without my technological umbilical chord. This just leads to more time to think, and thinking is a nightmare whirlwind. 

I would just buy a new one, but my budget is so meagrely thin that it’s breaking its wrists trying to juggle the tins of beans I’m living off of. 
Ugh. Stay positive. Must stay positive. 

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