Intro to the Second Edition

Hey all, my first book of collected work from 2014 – 2016 was just printed for the second time. I wrote a short intro to the 2nd run, which I am presenting here.

See the “For Sale” to order a copy!

I compiled Drunk on the Threshing Floor during a pretty strange stretch of time. I had been off work, was not feeling my best, and everything good that was happening didn’t seem to change too much.

“Holy fuck Brady, lighten up. I already have to read your downer poetry, and now you’re making me read about how hard your privileged life is in the introduction?”

I was getting to that.

Working on this book during the three months I was off work was something to occupy my time, and occupy my mind, and through working on it, I got better. It gave me some greater purpose, some reason to get out of bed and head down to the local coffee shop to scour pages with a red pen. The book was by far the biggest self-publishing project I had yet undertaken, and the hours needed to be put in, and I had nothing but time on my hands.

Through that work, I was okay again. Therefore, this book will always hold a special place in me, as a physical reminder of working through problems in my life in an effort to make something good.

Sometimes, throwing yourself into a project is not the way to make your life better, but in this case, it was a way forward, and kept me from becoming stagnant.

The idea behind the book was to go through all of the work I had done in the last two years, and give it a concrete, physical home. I had been thinking that some of the better stuff that I had been written had been doomed to the fate of being archived on the blog, and lost too far back in time for anyone except the truly dedicated to seek it out. This book was a way to bring all of that work back to the forefront, so that somebody, anybody, could read it.

I made up a cover, published fifty copies of it, and went back to work.

Now, I’ve decided to do up a second printing, as all of those fifty copies have been sold, or given out, or left at airports, or sent in the mail to people in far off lands. My reasoning behind doing the book again, apart from having more books to give out, is to fix some things that I missed the first time around. The downside of self-publishing is that when you’re the only one looking at something, it’s easy for all the words to glaze over in you head, causing you to miss really easy typos and mistakes.

For example, in the first edition, in the short story called “Death of the American Dream,” I wrote that the two characters were, “sex feet apart from one another,” instead of six feet apart. So, the second edition lets me fix that, so people can stop messaging me about it, and I can stop feeling like a giant fucking idiot.

While that was the most glaring example, there were quit a few more mistakes that needed to be banished. If you have one of the books with typos, then you’re probably not reading this, because the book isn’t worth buying twice.

My apologies. If you track me down, I’ll buy you a coffee.

I toyed with the idea of putting some new poems in this new printing, but decided against it for two reasons:

1.) I felt that this was all the good work I had from the last few years, and putting work in that wasn’t completed at the time of the first publishing seemed like cheating the very idea of the whole thing.

2.) Because at the length it is now, I can still mail it as a letter, and save on postage.

This book sums up two years of written work. I’m pretty proud of most of it, and I thank you for reading it.

Brady Tighe
Dallas Beach, Victoria BC
June 11th, 2017

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