Bus Advertisements

This poem is from my upcoming book, Side 1/Side 2. The book comes out

Chambray shirt
damp from the rain
cigarette stains on paperback pages
and me cracking jokes about bus ads.

Cold chill in the spring air
winter still clutching the days with
a death grip
that refuses to loosen off.

“Don’t Give Up on Today!”
screams a bank slogan plastered on
the side of the #3 bus
and I take its advice and return to my book
lost in hallways of image and thought
but only while I stand outside.

When I return to my room
there is nothing
and thought withers like a double major’s houseplants.

My progress report would read:
Lacks: motivation
“can do attitude.”

I confine myself to my comfiest chair
like a hospital visitor waiting in a hallway with IV drip bags of peppermint tea
and late day coffee.

“Don’t Give on Today!” asked the #3 bus
but I let it down, and it does the rest of its route in disappointment
and misses two stops.

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