Thanks to Dave Davies

I’m not like everybody else
I cannot swim in seas of happiness
drown in warm sunshine
and float in pools of endless positive thinking.

I guess I’m just not built that way
that I’m missing that critical piece
that allows me to control my thoughts
for the better.

So I’m left with this bitter chassis
that hates the heat
and many other things
and refuses to be bought by easy love and easy escapes
that would otherwise save me from myself
and the things that I wish I could enjoy.

I’m not like everybody else
and yet I am
because there must be others like me
I am not that unique
I am not that special
and that I am the only one that feels this way
in these moments.

We only need to find each other
to find others that feel like this.

And then what?
Do we become miserable together?
Do we multiply those feelings of angst to apex?
Does that destroy us in the process?

Probably better off to remain alone
to say, “I’m not like everybody else,”
to empty walls
for the sake of myself
and others.

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