Don’t Lend Me Dishes

Don’t lend me dishes
or travel mugs
or Tupperware containers filled with delicious food
that you probably cooked for me
after you found out my diet is 90% cereal.

You’re not going to get them back
because I’ll forget
because I have too much on my mind
too much thinking to do about other things
to remember to come over and give you back your dishes
or your spare plate
or your bottle opener
or your cheese grater.

I assure you
they’re not getting any use while they’re here
in my apartment.

They’ve been washed and cast aside
pushed into a foreign shelf among 100 coffee cups
like they’re at a house party full of strange people
that they can’t talk to.

If you really want them back
send me a message or something
because otherwise I won’t remember
it’s not because I don’t like you
it’s not because I don’t really care
it’s because I’m thinking about something else
(something probably less important than being polite
but all the same.)

Also, thank you for the soup
it was delicious.

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