I seem to be stuck in that kind of loop where nothing wants to happen, so I sit around and do nothing. I didn’t do anything yesterday because it was supposed to be some kind of rest day, the kind that my therapist wants me to take, and now that I’ve finished with resting, you would think that I would hit the ground running and get back to work on things. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case, and instead I seem stuck in a cycle of lethargy. This is not a good place to be on my second day off of seven, it does not indicate a good pace, and it does not indicate any kind of happiness.

There’s been traction and work on one project, a short book of poems, but none on the other. I don’t know why I thought that adapting a long Dylan song into a short story project would be easy, but surprise, it’s not. I haven’t even gotten past the first line. I have some ideas rattling around, but there is nothing inside my head that has made the transition to words on the page. The writing of the project seems to be trapped inside, and nothing is making it emerge. So it goes. Maybe another project will spring up and I’ll be free to let this one descend into the abyss of the back burner. At least then I can take the fucking post-it note with the title scrawled across it, off of my desk.

Because I hate being mocked by post-it notes.


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