The Drunk on the Threshing Floor Book Tour/The Book Drunk on the Threshing Floor Tours

Two poems with similar themes. Enjoy.

The Drunk on the Threshing Floor Book Tour.

The artist will be embarking on a short tour to promote his new book.

His first appearance will occur at the YYJ Airport Shuttle Stop
located next to the Save On Foods Memorial Arena.
Here, he can be seen for a period of twenty minutes
wishing for coffee
and smoking a cigarette he knows he shouldn’t.

His second appearance will be on the sidewalk of the departures level
of Calgary International Airport
Hear! Listen!
to the writer remark at how long
a car alarm has been going off
while he slugs down an Americano
and attempts to hail a cab.

From here, the tour moves to a seven day standing appearance
in Fort McMurray
at an oil and gas site.

On the first of the seven days
the writer will be conducting a performance art piece
entitled, “Holy fuck it’s too goddamn early,”
at 5:30 A.M. in the dining hall.
This is to be followed by a book signing.

Following this,
books will be available for sale in locker 232
in the support shop.

Day two will feature the writer as he builds multiple
contemporary art pieces out of tubes
and clamps
with the assistance of fellow artists
and a reading of a new poem entitled
“I forgot how heavy everything here was,”
will be read outside of the muster point
for those in attendance.

Daily book signings will occur
throughout the seven day period.
He will be available for Q & A sessions at unannounced times
at various smoke pits and lunch rooms on the site
and will be available till 8:30 in the evening
in room P118.

Mail order copies of the work are available to those
who live out of city, province, or country.
At a later date, to be announced
the artist will be mailing out books to those requested
and each will receive a typewritten letter full of cynical prose
about the quality of the work contained within.

A marathon distribution session/Q&A will occur on the
first of the month
wherein the artist will be available for a period of 24 hours
in various locales across a 1500 km hour radius
an airport in the middle of a field in Northern Alberta
a taxi cab screaming down the Deerfoot in Calgary
eating a teen burger in an airport longue
asleep in seat 16C on a West Jet flight (wake him for an autograph)
attempting to smoke a cigarette in high winds outside the airport
while yawning in 4/4 time.

The tour concludes on the second of February
when the artist is home and comfortable
and starts working on the next book.


The Book Drunk on the Threshing Floor Tours.

Crossing oceans
into exotic towns
with postal codes that look cryptic
and addresses that fill up all of the lines on the envelope.

London, Ontario
Didsbury, Alberta


Hamburg, Germany
Tokyo, Japan

clad in a cozy jacket of bubble wrap
1000’s of kilometers traversed
to be fondled and caressed and laughed over
while stirring emotional fires
and making the world seem small
and easily traversed.

The book lives a more interesting life
than its author.

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