Books for Sale!

Hey all, I have a few copies left of each of the works listed below, and it would be wonderful if they could find loving homes. I have one copy of The Tired Muses, two copies of Bottling the Lead Singer of the Mountain Goats, and five copies of Poet in the Moment remaining.

To purchase any of the work below, please send an email to I accept Paypal or e-transfer. The price is $10 per book! Each purchase also comes with a unique typewritten letter from yours truly. In addition, no shipping fees anywhere in the world! If you’re in Fiji, I’ll mail it to Fiji.

The Tired Muses
16 poems

A series of works about a writer struggling with his muses, going through his history with each one, and trying to get any of them motivated enough to give out a poem or two.


Bottling the Lead Singer of the Mountain Goats

13 poems
Bound by the wonderful people at wordsonpages!

Also available here:

A young poet ventures to Seattle to see a legendary folk-rock band. Bottling the Lead Singer of the Mountain Goats is a collection of 13 poems about great cities, great bands, and the eternal question of whether or not your ex needs a postcard, or whether or not you should bottle the lead singer of a band just because he reminds you of someone you want to hit with a beer bottle.


Poet in the Moment, So Outspoken

23 poems

Poems are a snapshot of a moment. These 23 poems are culled from moments of neurosis, creative process, miserable nights, harsh mornings, too many cigarettes, and navigating the minefields of love. These poems break down minute thoughts into details that slice and bite, before fleeing away at the flip of a page.


Thanks for reading!

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