The Break is Over, Fall has Begun, and Estranged is in my Headphones

Finally, the crisp chill is in the air
and I can forget about madness for awhile
and I can cancel plans for spending every
waking summer moment
thinking about you
and everything I lost.

We spoke again the other day
and it didn’t end with me exiling myself
to small northern islands
and drinking you off my mind
and chain smoking Danish cigarettes
in an attempt to force myself take
the viciousness of
loving you, losing you, and wanting you
and replace it with the stoic and comfortable thought
of loving you, yet never having you again.

I’ve made the switch now
and I’ve switched other things as well
basically a new man
with a new haircut
new pants
and a polish on the old boots that I couldn’t bear
to part with.

28 is coming around for its last few laps
and I feel that I can step forward now
and that half a year hell bent
has yielded a decent break
that I can now come out of
with a grin on my face
as I take a look forward.

So play those big major keys on the piano
and cue up the guitars
because I am better now than I was before
and I know things now
like how attractive women on bikes
aren’t waving at me
they’re just turning right.

Maybe I’ll get it right
next time.

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