The New About Page

Hey all, I’ve updated the About page of this blog to more reflect the direction that I’ve been taking with it. I figured I would post the new wording on the main page as well, just in case you’re grievously injured and don’t have time to go and click on the About tab before you bleed out.


Brady Tighe is a writer.

He lives in Victoria, British Columbia, and wrote this About page in the third person for some fucking reason.

This blog is not meant to showcase my polished work. Instead, I think of this blog as a literary sketchbook. It is fragments, doodles, trains of thought followed out, paragraph scraps, meanderings, and first attempts. Some of the pieces on this blog might be more polished than others, and all of things I post here should at least be enjoyable in some way (otherwise, what’s the point of reading any of it?)

You are welcome to, nay, encouraged, to criticize and workshop any of the pieces on here. Whatever you think can be done to make them better, please tell me.

Thank you, and enjoy.

Brady Tighe

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