Good Friday

No religion to be found today in my city. Just drunks.

“Hey man, you got a light?” asked a 12-year-old kid on a bicycle who’s breath smelled of cheap sherry. I pulled out my lighter as he tugged and yanked the cellophane off an unopened package of Players. I told him there was no rush, and that I had all night. He gestured ahead to the homeless man pushing a shopping cart ahead and said, “yeah, but I have to catch up with him.”

“Sorry to get you hard and run off,” she said as she pulled on her panties and left me jerking off in my room. I didn’t mind, I just didn’t know what to do with the rest of my night.

A drunk in an alley finished chugging a bottle of Budweiser, and then smashed it against a wall. He nudged the broken glass with the toe of a dirty white sneaker, and then hocks up a wad of foamy phlegm into a flowerpot on his way down the street.

A cab driver, named Nikki tells me he plans to have a footrace with a friend of his who kick boxes. He says, “The motherfucker has had his nose broken seven times, and can run thirteen miles without stopping. Fucker is 60 goddamn years old.” I asked him what he felt his chances were, and he replied with, “probably not good. I smoke, and can barely run for a minute, you have to want to quit, and I don’t want to. Still, it might be close at the beginning.”

Behind a tattoo parlor, a man in a polo shirt finished pissing his liquid supper of vodka and gin onto the side of a dumpster. He zipped up and turned around, to see me walking through the parking lot of my way home. He lifted his arm to wave, but the movement throws him off balance and he falls to his knees into his recently made puddle of urine.

A cab driver outside of my building saw me walking. He has his window down and tells me, “it’s a holiday tonight, people are crazy, and you should lock your doors.” I walk into the building, get upstairs, and follow his advice.

Otis Redding on my stereo, and Dylan Thomas on my nightstand. Safe and sound, but I wondered what was supposed to be all that good about “Good Friday.”

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