Rust Never Sleeps

Two random ramblings. This is the first. Pay no mind unless you really want to. Although, I’ll guarantee you that there’s at least one funny line in there.

I wake up groggy. It’s allergies I think. There’s the sound of Rust Never Sleeps by Neil Young and Crazy Horse spinning on the turntable. It sounds like the acoustic side; there’s less fire and brimstone and more atmosphere. It’s the side that you would would want to wake up to after a nap.

I was feeling like my day had just begun.

That was the line that I first recognized when I woke up. Good albums have a habit of doing things like that; putting the line into the air at the right time, so that your whole body immediately recognizes that the album is talking to you. A feeling that shoots all of your nerves into the sky; to know that the album that you’re waking up to is looking for ways make you feel included. That that album is looking our for you. That’s the kind of album that you want to listen to over and over again. That’s the kind of album that Rust Never Sleeps is. It’s an album that connects with you and walks beside you; when it’s playing soft and slow it lulls you and soothes you, and when it turns up and heaves walls of distortion at you, you’re onboard all the same.

Why would you not want that? Why would you want to ignore that kind of connection and go and do some thing else? Or listen to something else that didn’t kick you in the face and then kiss the bruises like this?

This is why life is too short to listen to shitty records, because shitty records don’t do stuff like this. Shitty records placate you, they tell you how to feel about things, while spending zero time feeling them with you. Shitty records force feeling down your throat and beat you over the head with them.

But hey, what can you do?

Some people don’t want a feeling experience, they just want to be told what to feel. Most of those people don’t own Rust Never Sleeps. That’s a good thing, they don’t deserve it. It’s hallowed grooves will be reserved for those of us.

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