Thoughts on a Walk to Get a 12 Pack of Beer.

It has just stopped raining when I stepped out into the street. The whole city is slathered in the vibes of someone turning it back on after a long period activity; Like the flick of a switch, or the shake of an etch-a-sketch. The cars that drive by all look like the first to ever hit the roads, like brave scouts for the rest of the us who watched the rain from the safety of the indoors.

Everything smelled fresh, like first leaves of spring, like fresh starts, like just opened cans of Coke, like just cracked books. It felt like a new start for the whole damn city, a thought which bummed me out, as I had decided to use this new start to go and buy a 12 pack of beer.

Oh well, we can’t all start anew as rocket scientists planning missions to mars. Some of us just plan crusades for Coors. The logistics are easier. Also, there’s less bullshit math.

I wondered, as I walked, if during the rains some people had decided to forgo the planet as a whole. Along the walk, I spotted seven or eight pairs of empty shoes. They dotted the parking lots and sidewalks of my stroll. Who was walking around without shoes? Did they leave the realm of existence behind entirely, or just decide to ditch the confines of leather foot coffins for the barefoot sidewalk experience? I was particularly confused by a pair of child’s sneakers propped up against a parking meter. Where did he end up? What galaxy is he (or she) cruising now? It is better than this one?

Fuck, you could think about stuff like this all day. I was probably looking into it too much, and chances were all the empty shoes were just some kind of neighbourhood code showing people where they could find cheap pot. That was probably it, so I’d keep walking and not dwell on it. Thinking like that always ended up hurting my head, and I was in the market for 12 beer, not 10,000. Thinking like that requires more beer, and the budget can’t handle 10,000 beer.

Neither could my liver, which already suffers too much for my thinking.

I bought the 12 pack, and walked home with my head down, let the city get on with its fresh beginning without my prying eyes fucking up the start of something good.

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