The Cold Coffee Rule.

I don’t have many rules or tricks for writing. However, one thing I have noticed in recent years is something I call the Cold Coffee Rule. It came about when I noticed that I was drinking mainly cold coffee 90% of the time. Cold coffee is pretty fucking gnarly (not that that stopped me from drinking it), so I’d usually have to hit up the microwave at some point while working on a piece, project, or shitty poem.

If something I’m working on is good, I forget all about the hot cup of coffee on my desk. Now, it should be noted that I fucking love coffee more than anything else on the fucking planet. There is no goddamn way I should be doing anything other than just hoovering that hot black gold into my face. So that’s my barometer for something worth working on, if the coffee is cold, it meant that the writing was more important, and that means that there must be something good in there. Cold coffee tastes like victory, and the promise of something that isn’t doomed for the fucking trash bin.

Celebrate your cold coffee. It means you’re onto something.

Or you just got lost in reading about fucked up shit on the internet and haven’t committed a single decent thing to paper in the last hour. In that case, don’t reheat the coffee, just sit there and drink it. Drink your shame, you deserve cold coffee.

Re-heated coffee is for writers.

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