I’m trying to think of a project for January. December is all family and freezing weather. Focusing on at least one of those is a pretty important idea, so I don’t mind cutting down on creative everything for a month. I have months to toss away like candy! Now that’s a good feeling. Especially December, I can toss away all of my Decembers to staying warm, sleeping in, hanging out with the family, and at no point would I consider it a wasted month. Even if I don’t manage to type a single poem, it will not be wasted time.

Sometimes you just need to live your life, you know?

Some artistic types I know claim that they can’t “shut off” all their creativity, and they just happen to write, draw, and do, no matter what is happening and that it’s always happening and it will never not be happening. These people apparently live in a permanent state of creative everything, and are always doing whatever. I think that’s a bit of bullshit though. You have to occasionally step back and live a little. Chances are, it will strengthen whatever creative endeavour you were working on anyway.

Also, most of those people who claimed that were assholes, so they can’t be right.

But anyway, once all the days of December have been blown away in the wonderful ice mists of Calgary, then it’s time to get back to work. I just don’t know yet what that work will be. Chances are it won’t be happy work, as January notoriously sucks a mountain of ass. It’s colder, there’s no twinkling lights, and it’s the beginning of another year. Which always seems to bring out the pessimist in me.

Still, nothing about great work says it needs to be happy.

And there’s always the novel, hanging out, waiting to be written, prodding me when I try to sleep, and when I’m surfing and surveying useless hunks of internet landscape.

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