Cold Calgary Blues.

I love this town, but honestly, -40 is too much. The screen door of the apartment is frozen shut, and there’s a mist in the air that I’m convinced comes from any shred of heat being put to death. “Exposed” has become synonymous with “Dead.” People seem to soldier on though, to their credit. Even though it’s a little stupid to brave an environment as inhospitable as the city of Calgary in the winter. Better to just stay home, crank the heat, think of summer, and pray that we are somehow gifted with a short winter.

What else can you do? Even the thinking won’t make it warmer, and worrying about it won’t un-freeze your fingertips after stepping outside to throw out the garbage.

Endurance is the only option. The grey winter skies of BC can break the spirit in their own ways, but none of those ways freeze you to death in an LRT station.

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