Cigarettes at Sunrise.

Its such a rare thing to have a cigarette at sunrise. You don’t realize it until you actually do it. It has been a productive night. I have written and I have edited, and I have managed to avoid sleep.

Sleep is one of my vices. Probably the worst one. It is always easy to sleep. It is the easiest thing in the world to just lie down, give up, and fall asleep. You can only drink for a few hours, but you can sleep for days and days, and avoid everything and anyone. But I digress, I managed to not sleep tonight, and the last 42 hours have been all the more productive because of it.

Where was I?

Cigarettes at sunrise, the breakfast of champions. Having to go outside to smoke in the winter shows a certain kind of dedication. A boldness. But it’s worth it. Because feeling the cold, feeling the fire in your lungs is something not a whole lot of people do. They probably don’t want to. But there seems to be a significant amount of things that people don’t want to do that I somehow like.

This 203 words is probably the least productive thing I’ve produced all night.

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