A New Writing Project.

I’ve started a new writing project. Hopefully I don’t end up murdering the people closest to me.

To me, it’s a novel that going to be about what I see as the standards of american living:

Caffeine, Alcohol, Pornography, Red Bull, Cocaine, and Cats.

It’s about superheroes. I think.

Anyway, I’ve started hammering out on my nights in my cold, small, Alberta oil patch camp room. The start has been good, and hopefully everything will pan out into something that someone somewhere will want to read. Because that’s all you can hope for in the end.

That, and millions of dollars, a three book deal, adoring fans, and a chance to, down the line, think back to this blog while I’m drunk of my ninth triple scotch trying to write the screenplay for the film adaptation of my now famous book.

Ah, dreams.

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