A Short Work on Fame

He burned down some building down. He smoked some meth. It was something to do. Then he wrote a confessional memoir about his time in prison, which was turned into a Netflix original TV series. Then he was on Anderson Cooper 360 (in the daytime, not prime time.) Then he was dating Selena Gomez. Then he released a rap album, which tanked. Then he was on Celebrity Rehab on VH1.

Then he was clean. He would talk about it on The View, Good Morning America, and then on college radio when the TV offers dried up.

He settled in to work on his next novel, the writing of which would take 20 some years. The new novel sucked, and he blew his last advance check on all the hookers one could afford on a decent advance check.

Enough to crush a former fame case to death.

What an ending. Somebody bought the movie rights. One of the independent studios.



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