January Hangovers. (3 a.m. on a Monday)

Does anyone actually like the month of January? Its cold. Its dark. It’s shitty. Unless you live in sunny L.A., I don’t see any reason why you should like January. I think I read something in the paper once about how there’s less than 9 hours of sunshine in a day.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like the cold and the dark. Being a night owl means that you become great friends with both of those feelings. I just don’t like having them inflicted on me during the daytime, clinging to me the way an unlit cigarette sticks to your lips.

Save all of that madness for the eve.

Also, 9 hours of “sunshine” is bullshit. There’s no sun. Just grey.

It makes the hangovers easier. A lucky bonus when you spend too much time drinking, due to the fact that its fucking January.

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