A Fuck up in the Inspirational process, leads to new territory.

Tonight, I got all geared up to print off some stuff I’d written recently. I felt to myself that I’d been drowning in stagnation, and that it would do me some good to print off some recent work and see if I could make myself feel good again by reading and working on it.

So I copy everything from my notebook into a word file, plug in the correct cords and hit go. Then, I walked over to the printer and told that glitchy fucker that it’s time to print this stuff out and get back in the groove.

Unfortunately, instead of being greeted by some hot, wanting, fresh pages that were sticky with the words of my genius, I was faced with the no-toner button. Not the low toner button, the no toner button.

That was going to be it; no freshly printed words tonight, no getting back into the groove, and stagnation to continue.

But I felt a little bold that night, so I poured a small bit of whiskey into a nearby coffee mug that sat on my desk, and started the blog everyone (and by everyone I mean my brother.) was bugging me to start. I sipped, and hoped high hopes for a blog that could rip stagnation a new one.

Here’s still hoping. Try and enjoy.


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